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SellerDeck Business

Advanced Capabilities...

SellerDeck Business gives you everything you need to build and manage an online store. It offers sophisticated features for marketing and customer management:

  • Quickbooks compatibility
  • UPS WorldShip Export
  • B2B customer accounts
  • Barcodes
  • Also-bought list
  • Advanced promotions. quantity discounts & coupons
  • Process mail and telephone orders (MOTO)

SellerDeck Business Plus

Multi-Site, Multi-user Scale...

SellerDeck Business Plus extends the capabilities of SellerDeck Business for companies with multiple users and sites:

  • Capability to create an unlimited number of sites
  • License 2-5 users
  • Simultaneous use on network PCs
  • Quickbooks compatibility
  • Mail order/telephone order (MOTO)
  • UPS WorldShip Export
  • B2B customer accounts

SellerDeck Enterprise

For Multi-Channel Businesses...

SellerDeck Enterprise provides enhanced performance for businesses with large order volumes, multiple channel sales, or a need for multi-user access:

  • High-performance SQL database
  • Multi-user (more than 4) capbility
  • Scaleable, with room for growth
  • Unlimited number of sites
  • Quickbooks compatibility
  • "Order picker" feature to speed up product picking in a warehouse

Enterprise Additional User

Licence for one additional user for an SellerDeck Enterprise system. SellerDeck Enterprise is supplied as standard with a 2-user licence.

Software Upgrades

Here we have assembled all of our software upgrades in one central location.

Check out upgrades to the latest version of the same product, as well as upgrades to more advanced products as your business grows or you need multiple site and/or multiple user capabilities.

Support Contract

The internet is a dynamic environment where the only constant is change. If you want your ensure your online store is competitive and secure, then keeping your software fully up to date and getting speedy access to the advice you sometimes need is essential. SellerDeck Cover is an affordable, annual support program that gives you access to the telephone helpline, priority support.

Plug-ins for SellerDeck desktop software

Extend SellerDeck's Capabilities...

Third party applications and utilities extend Actinic's already wide range of features in several important areas:

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